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Blog-of-the-Month: My country ’tis of thee. Patriotism. What’s yours?

What does patriotism look like? Is it “Love it or leave it”? or: “My country right or wrong.” or “My country both right and wrong.” Or…? How do we love our country? How do we make our country reflect our vision of what we’d like democracy to be? Lift up your voices. I look forward […]

“There’s a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere”—song, historical notes, and reflection by my father, a WWII veteran

My father and our long-time neighbor Jim Weeks (one of the three guitar players who, my father jokes “makes me sound good” when he plays fiddle) sang this quite movingly on the TV profile of my father. I always love watching and listening to this on tape. My father is a combat veteran of World […]