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The Way Back from Summer

August ended with a cool spell, punctuating that fact that summer is over. Now it’s September 1st and fall will be officially here soon. Here’s a Jeff Scher experimental animated film from paintings evoking that end-of-summer-feeling from the NY Times. ————————– Jeff Scher is a painter who makes experimental films and an experimental filmmaker who […]

Black America? Tune-in to CNN

CNN Trains Its Lens on Race By FELICIA R. LEE CNN explores how black people are feeling, thinking and doing in the two-part “Black in America” series. “Black Americans think there is a black America,” Ms. O’Brien said in the interview. “It’s a metaphor for a chunk of experiences. Every black person will tell you […]

Folk Wisdom from N Y Times! Beat the economy with homemade hash and backyard gardens.

The economy has now connected what comes naturally to us folk in the heartland plains with what appears in the most urbane of our nation’s heralds. Times are tough? Garden! Make hash! Here’s some downhome wisdom from the Big Apple. Check out today’s bits of village wisdom in the NY Times. Breaking news: country goes […]

William Styron’s “Havanas in Camelot” reviewed by Michiko Kakutani—reveals love of libraries as place of refuge

Read Michiko Kakutani’s review of William Styron’s “HAVANAS IN CAMELOT:Personal Essays,” in today’s N. Y. Times by clicking here. [You may be asked to log in.] Kakutani’s review essay is titled, “Styron’s Essays Give Glimpses Into a Life Spent in Good Company” Here’s a quoted excerpt I particularly liked, because it articulates how I feel […]

A. O. Scott on Roger Ebert and Film Criticism in the N. Y. Times

Roger Ebert, the Critic Behind the Thumb [I believe this link only lasts for a limited time.] by A. O. Scott is a MUST READ for folks who like to watch and think and talk about movies. I love this article that covers such range: Ebert’s career as a print critic; how Siskel and Ebert […]

Read O.A. Scott’s “Stories from a World in Motion” essay in NY Times

“It seems fair to say that in the world today there are not many stories bigger or more complicated than the movement of large groups of people from one country to another. And yet, perhaps because it is so vast and complex, it is a story that can be comprehended only in its fine-grained, human […]

Obama’s Mother Profiled by Janny Scott in NY Times’ Long Run Series: “A Free-Spirited Wanderer Who Set Obama’s Path”

Courtesy of the Obama family Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro with son Barack in Hawaii. I’m in love this morning with Janny Scott’s NY Times profile “A Free-Spirited Wanderer Who Set Obama’s Path” which so delicately traces the “unconventional life of Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, the parent who most shaped Mr. Obama”. A Mother’s Influence is […]

Medicine for Memoir Scandals: Truth or Consequences for Margaret Seltzer, aka Margaret B. Jones, and others suffering from genre confusion

Tracking the Fallout of (Another) Literary Fraud By MOTOKO RICH Click here to read about the author of “Love and Consequences” who confessed she “made up the memoir about her supposed life as a foster child in gang-infested South-Central Los Angeles, the focus turned to her publisher and the news organizations that helped publicize what […]