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Happy All Mother’s Day!

What if, indeed, as Buddhist say we are all mothers to one another (past-present-future)? How would that change your part of the world? 2)What are the stories of mothers you’ve known? Wikipedia agrees that Mother’s Day isn’t just about biological mother’s. It’s about nurturing. Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood, maternal […]

In my mother’s garden: praising Mother on the 6th anniversary of her death

“Flower Cloud Land” Copyright Janet Riehl 2012 (This morning after my father got ready for his day, I read him this post. He said, “Yup.” And that was all that was needed.) My mother–Ruth Evelyn Johnston Thompson–died May 1st 2006. Today is the 6th anniversary of her death. We miss her. A strong matriarch and […]

Part 1 “Vision: Anita’s Story,” by Alan Brody

See part 2 of “Anita’s Story” here. Vision: Anita’s Story by Alan Brody I wonder how vision and emotion intertwine in the infant child, in those early days before its eyes have focused. Many times I watched my own children gazing into the face of their mother as they suckled, pondering the miracle of love […]

Mothers: “No, Jesus, You Can’t Use the Donkey Tonight,” by Arletta Dawdy

I’ve known Arletta Dawdy for a long time now since we’re both members of Women Writing the West. She lived (and still does) in Santa Rosa when I lived in Lake County, California. Not an insurmountable drive over the mountains which we both made, gladly. When I pressed Arletta to send me her bio (that […]

All Mothers Day—for mothers and others—the truth of interconnection

Happy ALL MOTHERS DAY, you mothers and others. This is a good day to recognize the truth of Tibetan Buddhism: that every being was at one time my own mother…your own mother. Hey! that means you were mine and I was yours. Taking it into present time….you are mine and I am yours. We nurture, […]

Happy May Day…Happy Mothers Day…My Mother’s Second Anniversary…We’ll be Stepping Out

Flora, Goddess of Flowers May first. May Day is a many-splendored thing with more official holiday designations than perhaps any other day of the year. I recall as a child weaving May Day wreaths from spirea branches cut from our bushes and hanging them on our neighbors door. I especially liked hanging my wreath on […]