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“Sweet Dreams & Nightmares,” mixed media works by Janiece Senn at Marbles Gallery, STL

Jane Ollendorff hosts Sweet Dreams & Nightmares, mixed media works by Janiece Senn at Marbles Gallery. Opening reception: Saturday May 8th, 6-9 p.m. Janiece Senn’s new mixed media work “Sweet Dreams & Nightmares” Marbles Gallery 1905 Park Avenue, just east of Mississippi, in Lafayette Square. Call 314.791.6466 Stop by to share art, wine and meet […]

John Rozelle’s Conjunction Project of Mixed Media on Paper Panels & Canvas dedicated to Arthur Osver (1912-2006)

Go to John Rozelle’s website to see images from the Conjunction Project. This exhibition is dedicated to my late friend and mentor, artist, Arthur Osver 1912 – 2006 Conjunction.1. a joining together. 2. a combination, such as events. 3. a word functioning as connector between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences, as, and, but, however. 4. […]