“Sweet Dreams & Nightmares,” mixed media works by Janiece Senn at Marbles Gallery, STL

Jane Ollendorff hosts Sweet Dreams & Nightmares, mixed media works by Janiece Senn at Marbles Gallery. Opening reception: Saturday May 8th, 6-9 p.m. Janiece Senn’s new mixed media work “Sweet Dreams & Nightmares” Marbles Gallery 1905 Park Avenue, just east of Mississippi, in Lafayette Square. Call 314.791.6466 Stop by to share art, wine and meet…

John Rozelle’s Conjunction Project of Mixed Media on Paper Panels & Canvas dedicated to Arthur Osver (1912-2006)

Go to John Rozelle’s website to see images from the Conjunction Project. This exhibition is dedicated to my late friend and mentor, artist, Arthur Osver 1912 – 2006 Conjunction.1. a joining together. 2. a combination, such as events. 3. a word functioning as connector between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences, as, and, but, however. 4….