John Rozelle’s Conjunction Project of Mixed Media on Paper Panels & Canvas dedicated to Arthur Osver (1912-2006)

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This exhibition is dedicated to my late friend and mentor, artist, Arthur Osver 1912 – 2006

Conjunction.1. a joining together. 2. a combination, such as events. 3. a word functioning as connector between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences, as, and, but, however. 4. a combination of studio events, work practices and ideas across time, location/space, in media, form and structure


Investigations with mediums and materials that are associated with artists I know and have known over the course of thirty years. Some of the forms and techniques developed in the work presented have been a major part of these artists’ visual ideas, but most of the work represents my own vocabulary of signs and symbols. My interests are with surface texture, both actual and visual. As a starting point for studio practices for which the textural investigations in the work are arrived at come from the influence of observations of traditional West African objects over a long period of time. Many other factors have joined these initial studio wanderings with time. One factor here another factor there, conjunction!

The Media

Acrylic paint, acrylic gel, acrylic gesso, ink, marble powder, paint chips, oil crayons, color pencils, shellac, graphite, charcoal, paper, rice paper (plain and printed), rice paper with mango leaves, embossed paper, sheet music, clothing pattern paper, found objects including printed matter, wood and metal, fabric such as silk, batik, cotton, upholstery and synthetics, cotton thread, jute, metallic leaf, clothing snaps, upholstery pins, glass and vinyl beads, glitter, shells, buttons and beeswax

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