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1973 Floodstage Mississipi River, “Never Happen?” by Erwin A. Thompson

In 1937 they closed the Alton Lock and Dam. This dam had been loudly touted as the last thing needed for flood control. I remember asking: “What are you going to do with the extra water coming down stream? Pump it out over the top?” “No, it will never happen,” was the answer. In 1973 […]

Floodstage Mississippi River, 1903, 1943, 1973, 1993…add 15 years = 2008: “Man, the Meddler,” by Erwin A. Thompson

Floods — 1903, 1943, 1973, 1993, and then add fifteen years Of course, this is an attempt to put “A little humor” into a series of tragedies. Obviously there have been other floods in years that did not end with a three. It seemed appropriate that I preface my review of the floods with a […]