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13 Tips for Longevity and Health: “A tough old bird shows us how to fly.”

Here comes another present for my father’s 95th birthday November 9, 2010. My article “Erwin A. Thompson: A tough old bird shows us how to fly” has just come out under the “Inspiration” category in October’s “Recovering The Self:A Journal of Hope & Healing” Volume II, Number 4. Victor R. Volkman is the publisher for […]

Book Round-up: The Blue Fairy; Love Each Day;Swift Winds

My friend Karim Khan (Our Man in Pakistn) writing under the pen name Ernest Dempsey has come out with his fourth book, “The Blue Fairy: and other tales of transcendence (Modern History Press, an imprint of Loving Healing Press, “1 in the World Voices Series). Dempsey’s previous books are: “The Biting Age” (short stories reveling […]

Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing is Launched

Whether we have been emotionally wounded by trauma or not, recovering the self and carrying the feeling of hope and healing with us is a worthy human pursuit. “Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing” (vol.I, No. 1) lives up to its name and the promise it offers. The cover image of dancers […]

Recovering the Self: new magazine edited by Ernest Dempsey, published by Loving Healing Press

Ernest Dempsey is starting a new magazine called Recovering the Self, on self-help/growth/development. It will be published by the Loving Healing Press and will include articles, essays, stories (both fictional and true), journal entries, book reviews, short plays, interviews – virtually anything on the theme of healing/recovering from a trauma, setback, or loss. Feel free […]