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My biggest challenge: staying the course

I’ve lived my life on the edge. It’s been a life filled with outrageous and often imprudent risk and adventure across continents. But now? It’s all about staying the course. Few friends would have predicted that I’d come back home to the Midwest and stay in one place for so long doing something so hard […]

Acres of Roses arriving on Valentine’s Day doorstep 2008 made me weak and knocked me off my feet

Twice I responded to the summoning of my doorbell. Twice a grinning and harried floral delivery man handed me a huge bouquet of roses…not red, not pink, but peachy…my favorite color. A dozen times 2 = 2 dozen roses for 2008 Valentine’s Day. I’m sure sometime in my life I’ve been sent flowers by delivery. […]

Howard and Vickie Denson’s Shared Passions = Longlasting partnership on all levels

Howard and Vickie Denson: Shared passion keeps them together, and fun. Photo by St. Louis Magazine Click here to read a great story about Howard and Vickie Denson in St Louis Magazine, February 2006, article: “Happily Ever After.” “Howard and Vickie Denson pack their life with shared passions— business, travel, church, art and jazz…. Now […]