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13 Tips for Longevity and Health: “A tough old bird shows us how to fly.”

Here comes another present for my father’s 95th birthday November 9, 2010. My article “Erwin A. Thompson: A tough old bird shows us how to fly” has just come out under the “Inspiration” category in October’s “Recovering The Self:A Journal of Hope & Healing” Volume II, Number 4. Victor R. Volkman is the publisher for […]

My Pop: A World Filled with Usefulness

Pop gets up a little later now at 92. He’s earned it, as I see it. “I feel like Aunt Mim. She told me, ‘Erwin, it takes me an hour to get out of bed.’ My this and my that aches. I’m getting to be an old man, and I don’t like it.” “True. It’s […]

Clearing the Years—Telegraph’s Active Living Section Chooses Pop as Cover Boy—Erwin A. Thompson Reveals Secrets of Reclaiming Youthful Outlook

Pop’s a cover boy! He’s made the front page of the ACTIVE LIVING section of THE TELEGRAPH. (When I was growing up, known as “The Alton Evening Telegraph”–but it now comes out in the morning.) To read the cover story “Clearing the Years: Brush-clearing helps 92-year-old reclaim youthful outlook” it says on the cover. Inside […]

13 Longevity and Healthy Living Secrets–gleaned from my 92 year-old Pop, Erwin A. Thompson

Ponce de Leon was searching for the Fountain of Youth. Now with all of us Boomers coming into our Geezer-hood at the same time we’re looking for models on how to age gracefully. We want to not just rack up a few more years, but contribute to family and culture…to make sure our years counted […]