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Black Valentine’s Series #7: Cuddled Prayers Couples Linda Jones Hawkins & Charles Hawkins

Our Black Valentine’s Series concluded with the love story of Linda Jones Hawkins and Charles Hawkins. I met the couple at the 2007 Kwanzaa celebration in St. Louis. Linda showed me her beautiful poems and paintings, while Charles stood by, beaming. You’ve been reading three of Linda’s love poems in the last few days. Linda […]

Riehlife Bonus Poem of the Day: “Mama’s Powder Puff Was Rough and Tough,” by Linda Darnece Jones

I met Linda Darnece Jones at Kwaanza six days into the new year and we started a conversation about her art and poetry. I heard Linda read “Mama’s Powder Puff Was Rough and Tough” at a recent Women’s Art and Vision event and asked her if she’d let us share it on Riehlife, to which […]