Authors! “How to Get Quoted in the Media”–an e-book. A Riehlife chat with Damaria Senne

Damaria Senne is one of my closest Blogging Buddies. When I visited South Africa in 2008 she hosted me at her home in Johannesburg and in her home village where I stayed with her family. Her warmth, intelligence, talent, and humor are qualities I cherish in our friendship. Damaria is a writer based in Johannesburg….

Kwanda (wealth & growth): Reality TV for Social Action & Community Development in South Africa

Damaria Senne is a writer based in Johannesburg. She chats about her life as a writer and mother on Storypot. In addition to writing about technology( , she also blogs for OneLove, a regional HIV prevention campaign spanning 9 countries Southern Africa. The campaign encourages people to have one sexual partner at a time, and…