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Blog-of-the-Month: My country ’tis of thee. Patriotism. What’s yours?

What does patriotism look like? Is it “Love it or leave it”? or: “My country right or wrong.” or “My country both right and wrong.” Or…? How do we love our country? How do we make our country reflect our vision of what we’d like democracy to be? Lift up your voices. I look forward […]

July 4th poem: “I am the Declaration of Independence,” by Genie Keller

July 4, 1976, the United States celebrated its Bicentennial. In 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. As the N Y Times board blog says: “It makes sense to think of the Fourth of July as the start of a season and not as a one-day holiday moored off by itself. But it […]