John Rozelle’s Sanga Series represented at St. Louis Art Museum and Salon 53

TWO ROZELLE WEBSITES View images of John Rozelle’s work at his website by the same name and also at Sanaa Productions where you’ll find marvelous collages for sale. _________________ QUOTES “Well, its like jazz: you do this and then you improvise.”—Romare Bearden Rozelle has long lived by the slogan “Every symbol tells a story,” and…

John Rozelle’s Conjunction Project of Mixed Media on Paper Panels & Canvas dedicated to Arthur Osver (1912-2006)

Go to John Rozelle’s website to see images from the Conjunction Project. This exhibition is dedicated to my late friend and mentor, artist, Arthur Osver 1912 – 2006 Conjunction.1. a joining together. 2. a combination, such as events. 3. a word functioning as connector between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences, as, and, but, however. 4….

John Rozelle featured in St. Louis Art Museum’s “African American Abstraction: St. Louis Connections” through March 23rd in gallery 337

The Saint Louis Art Museum African American Abstraction: St. Louis Connections, an installation of thought-provoking abstract works from both the Museum’s collection and local private collections features artists Oliver Jackson (born 1935), John Rozelle (born 1944), Phillip J. Hampton (born 1922) and Michael Marshall (born 1953). John Rozelle’s abstract mixed media works communicate profound emotional…

African American Abstraction: St. Louis Connections at St. Louis Art Museum through March 23rd

Click here to watch Naomi Silver’s three vivacious interviews with Curator Andrew Walker, Artist Phillip Hampton, and Artist John Rozelle—all discussing the current African America Abstraction: St. Louis Connections which runs through March 23rd at the St. Louis Art Museum.