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It’s all happening at the Lake (County, that is)

I have a wonderful set of friends who I make sure to visit when I’m in Lake County. Daniel Holland is my chauffeur and host. He takes me back and forth to the Sacramento airport–about a 2 hours drive. Now that’s a friend! I caught a break in the weather–paradise. We ate on Daniel’s front […]

Creative Process: “How to get on the inside of the inside,” by Hal Zina Bennett

I’ve been writing a series on Creative Enemies for my Creative Catalyst column on Telling Her Stories–the blog for Story Circle Network. I took on the topic of believing we have the power to know and the power to look inside for the answers. Three of my merry band of creative friends (Hal Manogue, Eden […]

Guide to Spirit Guides–all you really need to know

In this fourth edition of the classic book Spirit Guides: Companions and Mentors for Your Inner Journey condenses shelves of information into a slim 113 pages. Hal Zina Bennett tells you all you really need to know about spirit guides as players in your inner journey. Hal is the author of over 35 successful books. […]

Lake County’s Finest: Artists, Writers, Visionaries, Activists

Visiting with old friends (and all of us are getting older!) is one of life’s greatest pleasures. During my Lake County visit in Northern California I found refreshment and inspiration in over half dozen artists, writers, peace activists, and environmental visionaries. The usual Northern California mix. Lake County is three hours north of San Franciso […]

Shifting Publishing Paradigms: On the Cusp, in conversation with Hal Zina Bennett

Technological change totally changes how we all live, how we think—it produces huge consciousness shifts. Hal Zina Bennett is the author of over 31 successful fiction and non-fiction books on creativity, health, shamanism, and personal development. He teaches seminars throughout the U.S. and has support groups for writers in four states. As a creativity and […]