It’s all happening at the Lake (County, that is)

I have a wonderful set of friends who I make sure to visit when I’m in Lake County.

Daniel Holland
is my chauffeur and host. He takes me back and forth to the Sacramento airport–about a 2 hours drive. Now that’s a friend!

I caught a break in the weather–paradise. We ate on Daniel’s front deck several times. Crab season was in so we had crab in the shell. My favorite way to eat crab is to take it out on the deck, place it on newspaper, and take a hammer and pliers to it. I really like to eat the crab-cream inside the shell. Then, afterwards, we wrap everything up in the newspaper and put it in the trash. Bliss. We ate well all week. I cooked. I taught Daniel to make blueberry pancakes, and we have a funny video of that.

Several days Daniel and I walked up a trail on the side of Mt. Konocti. We went out in our kayaks on Clear Lake one glorious afternoon.

Lake County is chock full of creative and talented people. The first two years I came back to visit from St. Louis, Daniel and I threw open house parties that would develop into art and dance and music salons. But, it’s interesting. As times change the last three visits I have found that there’s a core of people I make an effort to connect with when I come. This time, I touched base with six of these friends.

Alethea Eason
is a cracker-jack children’s book author–“Hungry” and now–“Heron’s Path.” We talked about promotion for her new e-book “Heron’s Path”–and how that could lead to a new career after she retires from elementary teaching. We took a photo of her for her blog. I was her image consultant and photographer. You know, it’s amazing the skills one accumulates over a lifetime. Some of these I don’t even know they ARE skills until I use them again. She came over to Daniel’s Monday as I as recovered from my late arrival. We ate delicious chocolate and drank tea. I haven’t seen Alethea since I moved to St. Louis. She and her husband spent a couple of years in Chile.

Fran Ransley. Wednesday evening we went to visit Fran on her tiny farm: purebred chickens, miniature ponies, dogs, garden. She’s a fine writer and very funny.

Hal Zina Bennett lunched at Park Place in the tiny town of Lakeport (the county seat of Lake County). He’s been my writing mentor, and helped me get “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” ready for publication. He’s a fine writer, coach,and gives seminars on creativity, intuition and shamanism. It’s always fun to talk with Hal with conversation that enriches.

Sybil Frances owns Innisfree Vacation Rentals where I lived in a beautiful A-frame by the lake my first 2 years in Lake County. Sybil is in her 80s, and remains delightful, with surprise, beauty, and wild humor. We had a great time and went down to gaze upon Clear Lake. She’d forgotten I was coming for breakfast (“Oh, Janet! You’re a week early!”) But we made do rather nicely.

Carol Cole-Lewis
and Clovice Lewis came over to Daniel’s house for a pizza supper. Carol and Clovice are a dynamic and talented duo. I can’t even list all their accomplishments…I’ll try.

Carol sings as part of an acapella ensemble. She has a big vision and is passionate about county-wide action that might go even further. She’s working on several cool projects: The Time Bank of Lake County and Thrive! Lake County. Plus, her own Internet Marketing Consulting & Coaching company.

Clovice is a master cellist, composer, member/founder of several ensembles, inventor, and entrepreneur. He founded Jazzical Music in 1993 to distribute the music he has composed since 1970.

KPFZ did a Lake County Live program from a restored Art Deco theater in Lakeport (The Soper-Reese Theater). Clovice’s trio Vim Natura (Latin for “Force of Nature”) played during the broadcast and afterwards. Keely Ann and Erin Call and Clovice blend perfectly to present the love songs he’s composed.

Xian Yeagan is a wonderful artist in several media, is the Former executive director of the Lake County Arts Council. Usually I have a loooong lunch with Xian and his wife Susan, but they had a busy art weekend. Susan (who sings and plays piano) was doing the lighting for a play. Xian was gallery-sitting at the Arts Council. I visited with him there. He has such a big view of the arts, and I love talking with him.

That’s my time with some of my heart friends in one of my heart homes.

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