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Part 2: “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous,” by Erwin A. Thompson

Read Part 1 of “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous,” by my father Erwin A. Thompson. Another prime example of generosity paying off is my relationship with the men from the water company. Our work often overlapped. Sometimes when we dug a hole for a gas leak we found a water leak, also. And vice […]

(Pop on Monday) Part 1: “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous,” by Erwin A. Thompson

This is the first of a two-part article by my father Erwin A. Thompson on the theme of generosity. Read Part 2 of “Sometimes It Pays to Be Generous” on Riehlife. –Janet *** *** *** Sometimes it pays to be generous. (And as a personal reward, it is a pleasant way to live) I have […]

Village Wisdom: Anchors, E. A. Riehl…by Erwin A. Thompson

Evergreen Heights, the place founded by E. A. Riehl and our homeplace still…where he communed with nature and forged paths to become one of the 8 premiere horticulturalist in the world at that time. E. A. Riehl was a pillar of the community, though known not to suffer fools gladly. The lane which ends in […]

Riehlife Bonus Poem of the Day: Naomi Shihab Nye’s “Red Brocade”

Photo by Arabian Nights pillows “Hospitality and generosity are the true calling cards of the Middle East.” –Naomi Shihab Nye Missouri Writers Guild Conference Luncheon, April 12, 2008 Also see: Does the Land Remember Me? (A Memoir of Palestine) by Aziz Shihab (her father) Tasting the Sky by Ibtisam Barakat RED BROCADE –From 19 Varieties […]

Hardworking Roses: abundance and generosity multiply like rose petals

You’ll recall I received two dozen roses this Valentine’s Day. As it turns out, both bouquets were from one man, my sweetheart of yore, my dear-hearted friend of now, Daniel Holland, of Lake County in Northern California. As it turns out, Daniel ordered one dozen roses and Fortune multiplied his order by two. The arithmetic […]

Sushi Socks & Seeing Clearly

I propped up my feet wearing socks grabbed from a jumble bin in a thrift store. My socks and I relaxed and listened to the teachings coming in through the closed circuit TV from the ballroom. Afterwards, Bev came over and said, “Let me look at your sushi socks.” Sure enough, there they were…little prints […]