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Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “tonight it seems Moon will never,” by Gaye Gambell-Peterson

I met artist-writer Gaye Gambell-Peterson through a St. Louis poetry workshop “Loosely Identified.” Gaye is indeed gay…in the old sense of the word…carefree, happy, and bubbly. She’s the kind of gal that matches the spirit of her red shoes. In Gary’s newest book MYnd mAp Gaye’s collages and poems speak to each other across the […]

Melding Poetry & Visual Art: Gaye Gambell-Peterson

I met Gaye Gambell-Peterson through a women’s poetry group known as “Loosely Identified.” She merges visual art with her poetry. Natually, I’m attracted to the creative connection between art forms. After I attended her passionately vivid exhibit at the University City Library, I asked her to talk to us about how she does that. Here […]