Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “tonight it seems Moon will never,” by Gaye Gambell-Peterson

I met artist-writer Gaye Gambell-Peterson through a St. Louis poetry workshop “Loosely Identified.” Gaye is indeed gay…in the old sense of the word…carefree, happy, and bubbly. She’s the kind of gal that matches the spirit of her red shoes. In Gary’s newest book MYnd mAp Gaye’s collages and poems speak to each other across the folds.

Gaye previous appeared on Riehlife in February in an Artist & Writers post on how to meld visual art & poetry.

She’s also been interviewed on Catherine Rankovic’s blog The Confident Writer.

I regret that my blogging platform won’t hold the visual line breaks in the original poem. –JGR

tonight it seems Moon will never
by g a y e g a m b e l l – p e t e r s o n

humid twilight horizon haze

me on this hilltop facing east

want and need rising

impatient for Her largeness

Her altitude Her attitude

tonight it seems She will never

break free of gravity—me neither

from this uncertain ether

time with earthly weight

hovers between cruel and fine

want and need ache

my blueness turns me to quit

just then a pale peachy smudge

catches my eye lets

me do this— wait

for float and free and quick

there full enough

to good my mood

a rising copper penny

to put in my pocket a talisman

to grasp on any morrow

that might again provoke too rudely

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