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Maine E-Learning 101 with Dr. Curt Madison

Dr. Curt Madison, the new director of distance learning for the University of Maine System, says E-learning has the potential to open the walls of the classroom to a worldwide group of learners.

Dr. Curt Madison Named U Maine Director of Distance Education

Dr. Curt Madison, 60, will become the new director of distance education for the University of Maine system. He’ll move to that position from Fairbanks, where he has led distance education at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks since 2002. Read more about Dr. Madison’s career in the Kennebec Journal: “UMaine’s new distance-learning chief knows […]

Collaboration, Part 6: Levels of Commitment…in conversation with Curt Madison

In the first part of our conversation Curt Madison and I discussed the place of competition in collaboration. This second part takes us into consideration of how the degree of commitment changes how we work together. JGR: Curt, are there different levels of commitment in working together? That’s one of the dimensions my long-term collaborator […]

Heart Talk—poem duet by Grace Madison & Ernest Dempsey

“Deep listening from the heart is one half of true communication. Speaking from the heart is the other half.” —Sara Paddison, author Hidden Power of the Heart When I sent this quotation to my friend Grace Madison (she is the mother of Curt Madison, one of my high school chums who know bases in Alaska), […]