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Creative Catalyst: Doodling a Body of Work

Dear Creative Pals, I’m part of a blogging consortium for Story Circle Network’s blog “Telling Her Stories.” My monthly column is Creative Catalyst. This month’s topic is building a body of work. I use my experience learning how to make digital art using the Doodler app on my smart phone. It’s been great fun to […]

Creative Practice: Rhythm & Recurrence

Our most vital repetition is the breath and the heart beat. All art practice is based on repetition as we attain mastery. It’s practice, right? Music, dance, theater, visual art, and writing. These are called “disciplines” of course, because they require discipline. Repetition is how we get there. As musicians we practice scales. As artists […]

Creative Process: “How to get on the inside of the inside,” by Hal Zina Bennett

I’ve been writing a series on Creative Enemies for my Creative Catalyst column on Telling Her Stories–the blog for Story Circle Network. I took on the topic of believing we have the power to know and the power to look inside for the answers. Three of my merry band of creative friends (Hal Manogue, Eden […]

“Living Behind the Beauty Shop,” by Hal Manogue. An inspiring metaphysical novel aboutDown’s Syndrome

Hal Manogue is a long-time blogging buddy. We met in Nashville when I laid down the tracks for my audio book “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” His new book”Living Behind the Beauty Shop” has been embraced by the Down syndrome community and homeless advocate groups. I’m happy to be part of […]

Blog Duet: How do we connect to and nurture our creative path?

Selena Wolff is a recent Blogging Buddy. Her site is Solitary Words: Finding Spirit Through Writing. It’s exactly what it says! Selena contributed a guest post to Riehl Life on “Finding Your Voice.” From blog comments to emails to guest post to telephone conversation, gradually our connection grew stronger. Today we’re sharing our views on […]

Five Tips for Creative Independence: Beyond the time vs. money dilemna

Dear Creative Friends, Here’s a new post from my Creative Catalyst column on the Story Circle Network’s blog “Telling Her Stories: The Broad View.” Each of you have solved your time/money…money/time dilemna in different ways. I’d love to see a discussion going on how to become creatively independent. Five Tips for Creative Independence: Don’t sell […]

11 Creative Nudges for 2011

Happy creative 2011. Here’s my first post of 2011 for Telling Her Stories, a blogging collaborative focused on memoir. My column is “Creative Catalyst” (thus the title below). 11 Creative Catalyst Nudges for 2011

Lambert St. Louis International Airport Experience Program Commission

The Public Art and Culture Project is an art initiative to create gathering places and visual high points by commissioning permanent artwork installations and rotating exhibitions in the Airport. East St. Louis resident, Edna J. Patterson-Petty multi-media artist is one of 9 artists chosen to create art-glass triptychs for freestanding glass wall partitions in Lambert […]

Set up your own writing retreat! Cheap and easy does it.

Retreating to Advance: Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat Have you ever wanted to go on a personal writing retreat that you organize yourself? This post for Story Circle Network gives you the complete map to do just that. This post is part of the Creative Catalyst column I write monthly.

Multi-talented? Ask the Creative Catalyst

I’ve just posted the last column in the six-part Creative Catalyst cycle on the topic of multi-talented creativity. This is a guest post on Story Circle Network’s “Telling Her Stories.” Always fun for you to join in the dialogue. Here’s the link: Multi-talented? Ask the Creative Catalyst