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“Mission Possible” for Creative Catalyst, SCN Telling Her Stories

We have dedicated two cycles of three posts each on the topic of fear in creative practice. “Mission Possible”is the second post in the second cycle. Our last post in this series will appear in October. Stephanie Farrow collaborates with me in writing our Creative Catalyst column for Story Circle Network’s blog: “Telling Her Stories.”

Creative Catalyst: Fie on Fear! Success & Failure: Two Sides of a Coin

My collaborator and editor Stephanie Farrow and I blog monthly (1st Tuesday!) on Story Circle Network’s blog Telling Her Stories: The Broad View. We establish a theme in the anchor post and continue with two additional posts to deepen the theme. Cycle 3 in May-June-July considered “Fear: The Friendly Enemy.” This month we begin to […]

Fear Finds Choices! Story Circle Network’s Creative Catalyst post

I just posted a new column for Creative Catalyst on Story Circle Network’s Telling Her Stories. This is the last post in our third cycle exploring the creative process.

Creative Catalyst: “Cycles: The Rhythm Method” April post Telling HerStories (The Broad View)

Every first Tuesday of the month I post a new Creative Catalyst article for the Story Circles Network Blog “Telling Her Stories: The Broad View). Here’s the one for April “Cycles: The Rhythm Method” concerning creative cycles and some tools as we rotate through them. Naledi image taken from my large scale mural on linen […]

CREATIVE CYCLES: BALANCING ACT…MarchTelling HerStories post up

CREATIVE CYCLES: BALANCING ACT (Number 2 in a series of 3) You can read my most recent Creative Catalyst post on the Story Circle Network blog (Telling HerStories: The Broad View) by clicking this link. Catch up on the entire Creative Catalyst archive here. This column is written in collaboration with my dear friend Stephanie […]

Creative Cycles: Keynote…Story Circle Network Blog: “Telling HerStories–The Broad View”

Over at the Story Circles Network blog “Tellilng HerStories: The Broad View,” I’ve just posted my first article in a new series on creativity. This newest theme is on creative cycles. I post in groups of three: Keynote post followed by two posts deepening the topic. Come on over and join the conversation in the […]

“Working from Source in Your Creative Practice”–new Creative Catalyst Post on Telling HerStories Story Circle Network blog

You can read this new post by clicking here. I am building a series that will later be collected in an e-book and small printed pamphlet. It might also, eventually be presented as an online course.