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Ask the Creative Catalyst: Make new stuff? Promote old stuff? “It’s driving me nuts.”.

It’s a truism that artists would rather dodge promotion as much as dodging a bullet. There are holes in that, of course. Some creative folks enjoy creating promotion as much as creating the the work itself. However…for those of us who are timid and sometimes thwarted by promoting our work, here are some thoughts. All […]

Creative Process: “How to get on the inside of the inside,” by Hal Zina Bennett

I’ve been writing a series on Creative Enemies for my Creative Catalyst column on Telling Her Stories–the blog for Story Circle Network. I took on the topic of believing we have the power to know and the power to look inside for the answers. Three of my merry band of creative friends (Hal Manogue, Eden […]

11 Creative Nudges for 2011

Happy creative 2011. Here’s my first post of 2011 for Telling Her Stories, a blogging collaborative focused on memoir. My column is “Creative Catalyst” (thus the title below). 11 Creative Catalyst Nudges for 2011

Set up your own writing retreat! Cheap and easy does it.

Retreating to Advance: Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat Have you ever wanted to go on a personal writing retreat that you organize yourself? This post for Story Circle Network gives you the complete map to do just that. This post is part of the Creative Catalyst column I write monthly.

Multi-talented? Ask the Creative Catalyst

I’ve just posted the last column in the six-part Creative Catalyst cycle on the topic of multi-talented creativity. This is a guest post on Story Circle Network’s “Telling Her Stories.” Always fun for you to join in the dialogue. Here’s the link: Multi-talented? Ask the Creative Catalyst

Collaboration: Check your ego at the door! by Riehl & Farrow

Read our third post in our Collaboration Cycle on Story Circle Network’s blog Telling Her Stories: The Broad View. Collaboration: Check your ego at the door! by Janet Riehl & Stephanie Farrow in our Creative Catalyst column.

Collaboration: Trust Floats the Boat

Join us on Story Circle Network’s Telling Her Stories as Stephanie Farrow and I continue to discuss the essentials of collaboration in our Creative Catalyst column. This month? Without trust, collaboration ain’t gonna work.

Making Collaboration Work, Part 4: Creative Catalysts Riehl and Farrow

Here’s the second part of the conversation between my New Mexico collaborator Stephanie Farrow and myself. Check out the first part of our making collaboration work discussion. In our column “Creative Catalyst” on Story Circle Network’s blog Telling Her Stories: The Broad View, we have posted the first two of a three-part cycle on collaboration: […]

Making Collaboration Work, Part 3: Creative Catalysts Janet Riehl & Stephanie Farrow

Riehlife’s February and March blog-of-the-month theme is Collaboration, that most excellent of love relationships in our lives and work. This series features two interviews by two collaboration duos plus a conversation with a distance educator. In our first 2-part interview Kendra Bonnett and Matilda Butler told us how they met and shared five tips for […]

“Art of Critique” by Riehl & Farrow on Telling Her Stories

Critique is an art when done well–and potentially damaging when it’s not. In our fifth cycle for our Creative Catalyst column on Telling Her Stories (Story Circle Network) Stephanie Farrow and I take on this topic. “Art of Critique” is our keynote post in this cycle of three.