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Parents Transfer Country Upbringing to City Life

I talked to a 6-year old girl after watching TV. She said, “TV sucks my brains out.” I talked to parents who grew up in the country and small towns. They told me: 1) They’d identified core values they received through their country and small town childhoods. 2)They committed to transferring those values 3) They’d […]

Revolving Loan Fund as Model…and Dedication for the Riehl Family who saved my father’s life and raised him up…from Erwin A. Thompson

My father, with typical generosity, is setting up a revolving loan fund at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois. When I was growing up this was a girl’s school called “Monticello” and underneath its current layer there will always be this other layer for me…what I term the archeology of memory and emotion. […]

13 Longevity and Healthy Living Secrets–gleaned from my 92 year-old Pop, Erwin A. Thompson

Ponce de Leon was searching for the Fountain of Youth. Now with all of us Boomers coming into our Geezer-hood at the same time we’re looking for models on how to age gracefully. We want to not just rack up a few more years, but contribute to family and culture…to make sure our years counted […]