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Tweit & Riehl begin “Blog Duet”: How do we nurture ourselves and still nurture the world?

Susan Tweit, began our blog duet yesterday,Tuesday, February 12, 2008, with her post on “Community of the Land,” titled “Finding your balance: outward and inward.” Susan J. Tweit telling plant stories in Colorado Janet Riehl performs “Big Butts Are Beautiful” As a journalist, memoirist, blogger, and speaker I’ve known Susan through two organizations: Women Writing […]

Black Rep “Othello” director Chris Anthony explores connections, connotations, revelations in conversation with each other

At the bottom of this post you’ll see several links leading you to responses to the St. Louis Black Reperatory Company’s production of “Othello.” Some I feel are reactionary and some responsive. But, here, speaking directly for herself from the “Othello” program notes is Chris Anthony. —JGR From Chris Anthony’s letter in the “Othello” prograM […]

Dr. Eric Maisel’s “The Van Gogh Blues” explores premise: Creating connection chases depression in visual artists, writers, and performers by strengthening meaning.

Welcome to Day Two of “The Van Gogh Blues” book blog tour. Day One began yesterday on Gabrielle Swain’s “Handmaiden,” and there are some good comments building a discussion over there. In “The Van Gogh Blues: The Creative Person’s Path through Depression” Dr. Eric Maisel (pronouced May-ZEL) presents a number of useful tools and concepts. […]

Riehlife Report Card Year One

Janet seated on Copper, our family American Bred Saddle Horse, riding tall at 15 hands My web log “Riehl Life: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century” has grown into my vision of it more fully over the course of the year. I run it as a magazine format, in which you hear several voices, and […]

Happy First Birthday, Riehlife! Celebrating a reprise of “Write Pen! Connecting to Our Wisdom Selves”

I just went back in my blog archives to find out…when did I really start blogging? Here’s what I dredged up from the deep:

“Water Ceremonies,” Part II, Africa—a poem by Janet Grace Riehl (Tales from Maun, Botswana; Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana; Kalahari Desert in Western Botswna)

II. Africa Maun, Botswana Afternoons, I teach schoolchildren to swim in the flooded waters of the Tamalakane. Two fingers support wiry bodies that sink every chance they get. “Arch your back! Spread out your limbs! Float! Kick! Paddle!” Until one student travels under her own speed. We collapse on the bank, gasping with sputtered water […]

Water Ceremonies, India: Rishikesh & Hardwar (part I) a poem by Janet Grace Riehl

I. India Rishikesh Strolling on the banks of the Ganges Sacred gravel crunches underfoot. A sadhu* stretches boldly over high drop-off to collect holy water in just-cleaned leather pouch. I finger the rushing stream just delivered from melting mountains. Then, pull out my finger, fast. Frozen hot pink, finger drips a blessing to forehead, throat, […]

Connecting Art and Good Times at Freida L. Wheaton’s Salon 53—Home for the Holidays in St. Louis—Savoring a Holiday Party—“Home is where the art is”…Freida’s is a place where old friends meet…and everybody knows your name.

In September, my first private party in St. Louis was at Freida L. Wheaton’s Salon 53 opening for her private residential art gallery. Now, in December, my second private party in St. Louis—and my only Holiday Party this season—is at Freida’s Salon 53, whose slogan is “Home is where the art is.” In September I […]

Kathleen Norris on Connections…poets and farmers…connections and rain gauges

Kathleen Norris (Photo by Gregory Yamamoto from the Barclay Agency) Telling a poet not to look for connections is like telling a farmer not to look at the rain gauge after a storm. –page 171, “Dakota: A Spiritual Geography,” by Kathleen Norris (my lineation for emphasis) Click here to read a marvelous interview between Homiletics […]

“I kept my mouth shut.” (Conversation starter)

“It almost killed me to do so, but I kept my mouth shut….” Tell us about a situation in which you found you had to just shut up, or you’d be in really big trouble, one way or another, or just a big bore, or unkind. For John Flinn, it was that no place is […]