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“Play that GREY EAGLE,” by Erwin A. Thompson

My father Erwin Thompson–musician and raconteur– tells this true story of old-fashioned square-dance music–when it was just music. Janet __________ There was this fiddler back some years ago who was learning. He had one piece that he played quite well, but it was a struggle for him to learn. He hadn’t gotten around to learning […]

Learn the Music of Language to Float in Communal Space

It’s perfectly possible to not know a word of a language, but to seem as if you know the language and culture well if you know the symbolic utterances and music of a language…it’s rhythms, rising and falling. If you know when to make sounds of sympathy and appreciation. If you know when to exclaim […]

Shared Story—Martin Prechtel: Remembered through being in the story together

“They welcomed me by letting me know that they hadn’t let me go. I was remembered. As far as they were concerned, no matter how far I roamed or what we’d had to do to survive, I was still in the story with them, and had never actually left the village.” Martín Prechtel Artist Writer […]