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Lady of Leisure in the Central West End, St. Louis

I’ve been spending more and more time with my father on our Illinois homestead working on harvesting: heritage & lineage projects. So, when I’m back in the city for a few days, I bask in being a lady of leisure in one of the most cozy and vibrant neighborhoods in St. Louis: The Central West […]

River Styx is poetry central in St. Louis

Poet Michael Castro is the founding editor and spiritual father of River Styx. Since 1974 Karen Duffy has hosted literary readings at her Central West End restaurant, Duff’s. Says Newman: “Our literary agenda is to promote accessible poetry. In the early ’90s, poetry had been taken over by academics. It was obscure, unmoving poetry, and […]

David Sedaris in St. Louis at Left Bank: Like a Rock Concert

It was like a rock concert this week when David Sedaris (pronounced as in “dare”) came to town to speak at Left Bank Books. Folk who couldn’t find seats stood up inside. Folks who couldn’t get in the room stood up outside or lounged in those great portable camp chairs. I sat next to a […]

“Bonneville”—Great American roadtrip film for gals of a certain age

On a girls night out Rebecca and I wound our way through St. Louis’ Central West End…now sampling gelato at the new store where last year Ben and Jerry’s stood; now eating Vietnamese crepes at my favorite snack shop; and now…checking out the films at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel and finding that “Bonneville” started […]

“Harlem Duet” sings: St. Louis Black Rep Company stages Djanet Sears’ award-winning play: power dynamics of interracial love spanning three eras

Ruth-Miriam Garnett and I have great “bumping into each other” luck. I first met Ruth at the St. Louis Poetry Center gala last fall. Subsequently, we’ve magically bumped into each other 1) on the metro platform at the Central West End; 2) at Wole Soyinka’s talk at the Black Rep with her friend Lavelle Wilkins-Chin; […]

Christmas Greetings from Janet Riehl, the Move-Back Kid

Around the world in less than 80 years and back to the Midwest again. From girlhood atop a big hill to maturing into an all-around creative type. I now focus on writing and making books and maintain an this online weblog (blog) Riehl Life: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century ( where 400 faithful readers […]

Slushy Saturday in St. Louis Saved by Spirited Worship, Fellowship, Food, and Poetry

“Don’t come over here to see me,” my father’s voice boomed out from my telephone answering machine. “The roads are horrible and getting worse. Stay where you are. Don’t risk it.” I did what he bade, and stayed in my neck of the woods on this slushy-sleety Saturday, temperature at that tricky freeze/no-freeze point. My […]