David Sedaris in St. Louis at Left Bank: Like a Rock Concert

It was like a rock concert this week when David Sedaris (pronounced as in “dare”) came to town to speak at Left Bank Books. Folk who couldn’t find seats stood up inside. Folks who couldn’t get in the room stood up outside or lounged in those great portable camp chairs.

I sat next to a 16-year-old young woman who is a huge fan. He signed her book “to my teenage friend.” Everyone got the same friendly treatment.

Go to StLog (the blog at the Riverfront Times) to read a charming story by Jason Robinson about the event.

What I loved was that he not only read from the new book “When you are Engulfed in Flames” that he was touring…he also gave insight into a working writers life by reading from his diary and his pocket notebook.

His writing routine? He gets up with coffee in hand and writes for four hours. Goes to the movies or swimming. Then, maybe a little more in the evening, if on deadline. His description of the multi-continent book tour sounded killing. I wouldn’t wish this kind of success on anyone, but he seems to be handling it well, and it was fun to share in it with him

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  1. Janet,
    Love that insight into one writer’s routine. So often we get bogged down with how we think we’re ‘supposed’ to work…long, hard and no fun…but in fact, as was pointed out here…it’s about balance. Work, then play and don’t forget the coffee.

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