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Part 2 “Vision: Anita’s Story,” by Alan Brody

See part 1 of “Anita’s Story” here. “Vision: Anita’s Story” by Alan Brody In the chill of an autumn morning’s sun, those late insect visitors are absent, but the flowers have now an intensity of color and texture and a longevity in this cooler, crisper time of year that allows one to linger over their […]

Part 1 “Vision: Anita’s Story,” by Alan Brody

See part 2 of “Anita’s Story” here. Vision: Anita’s Story by Alan Brody I wonder how vision and emotion intertwine in the infant child, in those early days before its eyes have focused. Many times I watched my own children gazing into the face of their mother as they suckled, pondering the miracle of love […]