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  1. As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy your colorful art work. If I’m in town when you exhibit at Portfolio, I’ll attend.

  2. Your stunning work deserves a wide audience. I’ll send your post out on Twitter and Facebook. Only wish I could be in St.Louis this August.

  3. Women and Wardrobe: That’s a very impressive collection of work. I love you image called “Flyaway,” especially the way you’ve used negative space, with the female form emerging from that space so nicely rendered. And I also really like “She who dances with stingrays.” Your simple lines and shapes expressing the woman’s movement and connectedness with her piscatorial dance partner, are wonderful surprises. There’s a single line from under the woman’s arm, curling around her body, that suggests either the movement before or maybe the movement to come. You have amazing control of line and form, especially given the medium. Bravo…or “bravado,” as the case may be. Really interesting work, with the subtle taste of you humor, as well. I hope people look very closely and discover how you’re using this medium.

  4. Lively, colorful, sensitive, crazy, mysterious! What a collection! I only wish I could be there to see the show in person.

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