Davide Prete–Lucky meeting at Laumeier Sculpture Park

Architecture, interiors, furniture, sculpture and jewelry…Davide Prete does it all. The elegant simplicity of design links all the work in his impressive portfolio.

I met Davide and his wife Juliette at the Laumeier Sculpture Park–96 acres of outdoor sculpture that rivals anywhere in the world.

All three of us went there for a Fire Artists Meet-up. We were, however, the only ones. So, we met-up with one another and found a surprising array on similarities in our life paths. We think of our lives in episodes or chapters as we explore places and cultures. They met in Zimbabwe, next to Botswana–one of my heart homes.

I look forward to seeing Davide’s work in person. Let’s cross our fingers for an exhibition very soon.

Graphic by Dry Icons.

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