Pop’s Star Turn: Happy Father’s Day!

The Alton Telegrah, our local paper, interviewed Pop and I for a Father’s Day article: “A legacy of words: Father and daughter collaborate on projects.” Quite to our surprise, it made the front page.

Both the writer Kathie Bassett and photographer Margie Barnes did a stellar job. I was honored that Kathie chose my poem “Scribbler” as a theme to pull the themes together.

Margie must have clicked a hundred photos. The photo you see in the paper was taken at the end on the fly without being posed. Yet it looks as if it were composed with great care. The corner of the house. The flag. The sense of goodness of being on a porch. And the two of us looking relaxed and natural.

Pop also called a square dance Saturday night. His lungs held out. He noted that he had to sit, not stand as he did in his younger days.

Another project he’s working on involves providing local history for the Piasa Creek 3-panel kiosk. This project is for paddlers fall along the Mississippi River from Louisana to the St. Louis area. Our panel is to be called “Riehl Life.”

Happy Father’s Day all around!

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