Mini-Memoir Contest Uses Google-Search–your own You Tube video in 5 minutes!

Womens Memoirs keeps coming up with new, fun contests. This one uses the Google-Search tool to make your own You Tube video that quickly shows the arc of your story. Besides being fun, it helps you sharpen the classic story stages.

Does this sound complicated? Not at all. The technology is transparent with easy instructions. Matilda Butler of Womens Memoirs says, “Most of my time was spent thinking about the 7 searches I could do to tell a story and then checking out the results and tinkering with my search phrase. Then the rest of it only took about five minutes.”

Here’s my Google-Search video story “Yet Lost for Other Causes.”

So, go to it and have a great time creating your mini-memoir in video! Here’s the Womens Memoir post that tells all you need to know to get started with the mini-memoir contest.

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