Two Folkloric Poems by Evie Bond

Enjoy these poems by Evie Bond that have a feel of little folk tales. –JGR

The Old Lady Who Died Crying
by Evie Bond

The old lady who died crying was a sad sight indeed
She lived in a shack, in the very back
Of a forest without any trees.
A river of fog claimed her pet dog.
So lonely she cried all the time.
So she got a new puppy and named it Monroe,
And would sing to it sweet little songs.
One day he went missing, she thought she heard hissing
Of a Dragon ferocious and mean.
She hobbled out the back of her poor little shack
To meet the beast head on in combat.
But when the dwarfed little woman caught sight of the demon
Bearing fangs longer than both of her legs.
She sniffled a little and bit her top lip,
And let the beasty swallow her up.
So the poor little lady died with a tear
And her pitiful Monroe the Pup!

March of the Flea
by Evie Bond

As I slipped into my bed
one dark and stormy night
I couldn’t get but half asleep
before the thing would bite.
A little thing so small in fact,
that it was hard to see.
I swore myself that one day indeed
I will kill that flea!

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