Riehl’s poem “Crocus” from “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” featured in World Audience’s “Audience Buzz Newsletter” for January 2008—Just in time for my mother’s memorial birthday, today

“Audience Buzz,” a newsletter of World Audience, Inc. (303 Park Avenue South #1440, New York, NY 10010-3657, United States,Tel: (646) 620-7406)–“A 21st century publishing corporation, owned by its writers”–featured my poem “Crocus” in their January 2008 issue.

You can read “Crocus” on the sidebar of Riehlife under the “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” category. Then, go to “Sweet Little Dove,” my poems for my mother.

My mother, Ruth Evelyn Johnston Thompson, passed away May 1, 2006. We still continue to remember her lovingly on her day, January 4th. I think for a child, the parents’ birthdays remain indelibly inscribed on memory. Last year my brother and I spent time with my father and made a small field trip in her honor. Today we called each other.

My friend Stephanie says that with the passing years small ways of honoring are all that are needed. This seems to be so. A friend of hers, for instance, wears a necklace her mother gave her on her mother’s birthday as a way of remembering her life and death. It is these tokens of remembrance, offered to our parents in love, which continues our connection with them at a deeper level. It’s a choice to make the day mean something beyond the date.

Sightlines:A Poet’s Diary by Janet Grace Riehl (cover)

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The staff of “The Audience Buzz” is:

M. Stefan Strozier, CEO, publisher
Ernest Dempsey, President, senior editor
Kyle Torke, Vice-president, Editor-in-chief
Matthew Ward, Managing editor

Contents in the current issue include:

1.1 Quote of the month
1.2 From the Editor: The Snowball of Success
1.3 World Audience News
1.4 Book Corner: Islands of Illusion by Ernest Dempsey
1.5 Author Interview: Burton H. Wolf on The Case Against Jesus
1.6 Feature Poem: Crocus by Janet Grace Riehl
1.7 Opinion
1.8 World Audience Videos on Youtube
1.9 World Audience Submission Guidelines
1.10 Literary Links

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