Woman About Town: St. Louis Arts & Culture

This week I’ve been a Woman About Town experiencing the best of St. Louis’ art and culture.

Sunday: Freida Wheaton’s Salon 53 King-Obama brunch in conversation with leading figures in St. Louis’ African American arts, culture, and business.

Tuesday afternoon: Groundbreaking for the St. Louis Art Museum expansion program.

Tuesday evening: Robert Reich wowing us with his wit and wisdom at Powell Hall in the St. Louis Speakers Series.

Wednesday: Introduced a friend to the Schlafly Library and Bissenger’s choclateire in the Central West End.

Friday night: At the members preview at the Contemporary Art Museum we saw the new exhibitions up until April 11th. Sean Landers (1991-1994, Improbable History) and Stephen Prina (Modern Movie Pop) in the main galleries were joined by emerging artist installations in the Front Room. For the first time I explored the exhibition lab upstairs. It’s hands-on and more fun than the shows themselves. Unless you were in the room installed by Stephen Pina with a textured white carpet that could be either sand or snow. And projected white light that begged for hand shadow puppets–a temptation two youngsters eagerly gave into.

Saturday: Urban League exhibit at Vaughn Cultural Center features my friend Joe LaMarque’s artwork in addition to other fine artists.

Sure beats a sitting at home watching TV!

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