Who cleans the chandeliers?

Maybe because my father wore overalls and dug ditches for the gas company. Maybe because we all worked with our hands growing up with the goal that one day we’d all go to college.

Whatever the reason, I remain fascinated with the people who do the work. The staff that works behind the scenes making it all happen. The service people at a lavish banquet passing drinks and appetizers. Bringing the entrees, clearing the dishes. I make it a point to chat with them and thank them for what they do.

When I see the impressive arrangements in the middle of the great hall around the St. Louis Art Museum fountain, I think of that woman on contract as an invisible, unknown artist. She’s every bit as good and more as many installation artists.

I hang out with the valet and door staff at the Chase Park Plaza (STL). They are my pals: Wendell, Onteaser, John, D’shon, Ron (Wendell’s cousin), Elzee. They make my day.

Looking up at the spotless, sparkling chandeliers at the Chase, I wonder…who cleans these? How often? And, more to the point, how? How high is the ladder of crane? Do they carry insurance. It’s the details that put the glory into a glorious spot.

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