Riehlife Poem of the Day: Judith Harris’ “Gathering Leaves in Grade School”

Gathering Leaves in Grade School
by Judith Harris
from The Literary Review, Fall 2008

They were smooth ovals,
and some the shade of potatoes–
some had been moth-eaten
or spotted, the maples
were starched, and crackled
like campfire.

We put them under tracing paper
and rubbed our crayons
over them, X-raying
the spread of their bones
and black, veined catacombs.

We colored them green and brown
and orange, and
cut them out along the edges,
labeling them deciduous
or evergreen.

All day, in the stuffy air of the classroom,
with its cockeyed globe,
and nautical maps of ocean floors,
I watched those leaves

lost in their own worlds
flap on the pins of the bulletin boards:
without branches or roots,
or even a sky to hold on to.

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