Black Valentine Series: #1 The Denson’s Shared Passion Keeps Love Alive in Long Marriage

In honor of the combination of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day week, I’m running a “Black Valentine” series to profile several of the most vibrant Black couples I’ve met in St. Louis.

We begin with Howard and Vickie Denson, the force behind the St. Louis Black Pages. Howard is an art collecting maven of African American and African work. That is one of the connections between us.

Click here to read a great story about Howard and Vickie Denson in St Louis Magazine, February 2006, article: “Happily Ever After.”

“Howard and Vickie Denson pack their life with shared passions— business, travel, church, art and jazz…. Now the kids are grown and Howard and Vickie run the Black Pages directory together: He’s CEO and publisher; she’s president….And we’re passionate about humanity. I have this concept I call ‘the covenant’; it’s a black thing. Every African American exists today because someone chose life at a point when it would’ve been a whole lot easier to just go down…”

Read how they met and what continues to keep them together.

I’ve met both Denson’s several times now, and they are an unfailing source of joy, passion, and mission.

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