Pop Home from Hospital! Halleluyah!

In the hospital Pop received callers–visitors and staff–as if he were a host in an elegant drawing room clad in a dressing gown instead of hospital regulation. But, the last night before he left after a 5 1/2 day stay, he didn’t sleep until 4 p.m. “It’s the strain of it all,” he told me. I was actually glad to hear him say that. To acknowledge that underneath his wish to be a “patient patient,” to entertain us all, to set a light tone…it is, after all, unnerving when one is in the mortal balance and your team is trying to find out why so they can chart a reasonable course of action.

We were all jubilant like young children at this surprise, but blessed, turn of events.

Back home, he tucked into settling in like a duck exploring its pond perimeters. I settled him in; Diane and Kevin organized the new med line-up…and then, when his heavy-duty news programs came on…I made a break back to the city to get re-acquainted with my own small pond.

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