Bonnye Brown’s Padded Paintings at Porfolio Gallery

Bonnye Brown has developed an innovative use of padding in her paintings that fascinated me and gives them dimension. She has an affinity for the world of women as a subject for her art.

Riehlife: Bonnye, tell us about your show at Portfolio Gallery.

Bonnye Brown: I have about seven pieces of artwork in the show at Portfolio.

Mr. Powell is a long time friend of mine and the brother of the President of our art organization in Kansas City called The Light In The Other Room. I am the Vice President. We have about 15 professional artists in our organization and we show together in the metropolitan area and also around the country.

I believe the paint on a painting should be just as exciting as its subject matter. I try to master the medium that I work in as well the subject that I choose.

I use a variety of techniques in my paintings. One in particular that I have found a love for is knives. I have created a style of my own that is not easy to duplicate.

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