How to Make Your Bed from the Inside Out in six easy steps

For those of you who like how to articles…for those of you who like tips articles…for those of you who have a hard time getting out of bed…staying out of bed…or, just making your bed once you’re out of bed…this one, dear hearts, is for you. Partly tongue in cheek, and partly emminently practical for us cut to the chase, lazy-daisy homemakers.

cartoon bed

1. Lie in the middle of the bed and open your eyes slowly.
2. Pull up the covers on either side of your body with both hands.
3. Ensure that the covers are even.
4. Tug to make sure.
5. Adjust every layer on your bed—top sheet and warm covers.

[I sleep under two heavy comforters my mother made. I like the weight. It’s like a hug.]

6. Deftly slip out of bed and fluff.

There! Your bed is made, and you, dear hearts are up! Our winter’s hibernation is almost at an end.

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