Daniel Holland Celebrates Art Star Nomination at Stars of Lake County, California

The stars came out full force Sunday night to celebrate a decade of Stars of Lake County. Amid a packed house of several hundreds, we were there, up front, in spitting distance of the stage. Ours was the Arts Table.

To celebrate my sweetheart’s Daniel Holland’s Art Star of Lake County nomination we gathered together contributors from Lake County’s writing, performing, and visual arts communities to join us at our front-row table. Fran Ransley, sister finalist for Lake County Poet Laureate, and I wrote notes to each other all through the evening like school girls since conversation is impossible to carry on in such situations. Karen Turcotte Williams, moving force behind EcoArts of Lake County, joined us as did Bert Hutt, who was Master of Ceremonies with his guitar for Comedy on Tilt 3, and Cindy Car, who produced last year’s show. Cindy won the category for her work in bringing together the two theater organizations in the county to collaborate more fully. We were also pleased to see our friend Carolyn Wing Greenlee win in the professional Art Star category. Her father, 91, was there to proudly beam on.

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