Blogging Basics 101: Getting Started and Keeping Going

Go to either the Women Writing the West blog or the Independent Authors Guild Blog to read my take on blogging basics.

It’s easy to get started, but it takes passion to stay going. Mission drives your blog to stay the course.

This post on these two blogs for two writing organizations I belong to are adapted from an ezinearticle that has just gone live.

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Portrait of a Riehlife

In the post you’ll find answers to these blogging questions:

1) Blogging experience: How long have you been blogging?

2) Starting a blog: Was it difficult to get started?

3) Amount of technical knowledge needed: Do you have to be a real computer whiz to blog?

4) Blogging frequency: Do you blog every day?

5) Focus: Do you have a particular subject in your blog?

6) Audience: Do you have a target “audience” when you blog?

7) Benefits: What is your favorite thing about blogging?

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