Ecokinesis Dance Company Performs 3 Dances by Sonja Brodt

My friend Sonja Brodt, from my Bioregional Artist in Residence days (sponsored by University of California at Davis) is working her magic again. I recall being transfixed by her Water Dance as I prepared for my own Water Ceremonies in Lake County. Her passion, grace, and skill transported us all.

Now, appropriately, on Mother’s Day, this Sunday May 13th at 2:30 p.m.,the Ecokinesis Dance Company will be performing at the Soular Dance Stage near Wellman Hall on the UC Davis campus.

The Ecokinesis performance features three dances by Sonja Brodt, including
Pacifica Resistance, in memory of protests against nuclear testing in French Polynesia
Free My Inner Nature, which involves creative use of a pesticide applicator suit,
Sundance, inspired by Native American-rock fusion music.

With special guest, singer Laura Sandage!

You can also catch Sonja dancing on Saturday morning at 11 with Blueprint Dance Company, and Sunday morning at 11:45 with Crane Culture Theater presenting “Lord of the Cranes”, a Chinese folk tale about dancing cranes that help a poor innkeeper.

Learn more at the Whole Earth Festival webpage.

I only wish I could show you a video of this especially talented and inspired dancer and choreographer’s work.

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