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Ecokinesis Dance Company Performs 3 Dances by Sonja Brodt

My friend Sonja Brodt, from my Bioregional Artist in Residence days (sponsored by University of California at Davis) is working her magic again. I recall being transfixed by her Water Dance as I prepared for my own Water Ceremonies in Lake County. Her passion, grace, and skill transported us all.

Now, appropriately, on Mother's Day, this Sunday May 13th at 2:30 p.m.,the Ecokinesis Dance Company will be performing at the Soular Dance Stage near Wellman Hall on the UC Davis campus.

The Ecokinesis performance features three dances by Sonja Brodt, including
--Pacifica Resistance, in memory of protests against nuclear testing in French Polynesia
--Free My Inner Nature, which involves creative use of a pesticide applicator suit,
--Sundance, inspired by Native American-rock fusion music.

With special guest, singer Laura Sandage!

You can also catch Sonja dancing on Saturday morning at 11 with Blueprint Dance Company, and Sunday morning at 11:45 with Crane Culture Theater presenting "Lord of the Cranes", a Chinese folk tale about dancing cranes that help a poor innkeeper.

Learn more at the Whole Earth Festival webpage.

I only wish I could show you a video of this especially talented and inspired dancer and choreographer's work.

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