What is Open Space Technology?–a way to bring folks together–group connection

At the World Peace Conference (see www.worldpeaceconference.org) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this week (May 16 and 17), “Building a Culture of Peace,” 500 peace leaders from around the world will dig into this topic using Open Space Technology.

Suzanne Maxwell is putting together the facilitation process and team for five concurrent peace councils at the conference. The conference is sold out, but the website will be developed and expanded from all the data generated during the conference, along with the blogs that people can follow after the conference.

What is Open Space Technology? It is an innovative way to organize large groups of people with differing perspectives, who are tackling complex issues. It allows for maximum participation and is particularly effective for bringing about broad-reaching change and self-responsible ownership for that change. Open Space has been applied in private industry, government, not-for-profits, communities, and education around the world.

You can learn more at either www.openspaceworld.com or www.openspaceworld.org.

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