Day 17 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Jan Allsopp of Austalia

Jan Allsopp joins the blogtour form New South Wales Australia.

Jan is a visual artist with 20 years experience working in the mediums of painting, drawing and sculpture. About a year ago, Jan decided to turn her hand to sketching and journaling her travels and her everyday life. She was surprised at how challenging it was to work in this way, and how enjoyable and fulfilling. “…In my spare time” is the blog that came along for the ride. There Jan posts her sketches, journal entries and from time to time showcases her other work.

Her focus with Eric is on everyday mindfulness for the visual artist. I especially liked their interchange about what to do when you start a project, doubt it, then are tempted to put it aside and start something new. Jan is also starting 12 paintings to match the incantations of TZS.

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