Featured Author L. D. Gussin and his novel of ideas, THE SEEKER ACADEMY

On April 9, 2007, I reviewed L. D. Gussin’s novel The Seeker Academy. I titled my review: “Hunger for Connection Met by Grace” (the book’s heroine, and my middle name, as well). I hope you’ll take a look (or another look) at the review this week as I devote several days to this work. If you like the review, you can go to Amazon and vote that you find it helpful.

On May 2nd (today) and May 3rd you’ll see Parts I & II of my interview with L. D. Gussin. On May 4th, he’s allowed me to run an excerpt from Chapter 21 of The Seeker Academy. I’ve chosen a few choice paragraphs from that chapter and you can continue reading on his bookblog at www.theseekeracademy.com.

L. D. Gussin takes on “The Holistic Movement as a Literary Subject” in The Seeker Academy and has written an intriguing preface for literary readers on his blog that I encourage you to read on his bookblog.

Not only does he provide one of the most concise and cogent summaries of the spiritual counterculture I’ve seen anywhere, but he explains what has been lost in the split off from fiction, poetry, and drama.

He closes by saying: “The movement as I have seen it asks important questions and takes important chances, but often gets lost when it tries to bind its many dreams to its responsibilities…Thus I sent a hero…to a retreat for three weeks. In that brief period, she would, within the limits of literary realism, either learn to hate the place, or begin to follow a particular teaching, or taste some things offered and—as a hero figure—come to also better know who she had been when she arrived.” (from www.theseekeracademy.com)

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