EcoArts of Lake County–Sculpture Walk and Film Festival in Northern California

Earth Day seems a fitting time to tell you about this environmental arts initiative in Lake County, Northern California, where I’ve been living for the past nine years.

Karen Turcotte-Williams and John Williams started the Sculpture Walk outside Middletown, California in 2003. It’s grown from a brave effort of just a few to a glorious effort of many as Karen and John have grown the sculpture walk in the county park to a full-fledged organization I’ve been honored to serve on the board of for a couple of years now: EcoArts of Lake County. It even includes the Coyote Film Festival!

For five years I’d offered Community Art Ceremonies for Heron Days, Redbud Audabon’s April shing-ding. That’s how I connected with Karen.

Browse the sculpture walk,there’s some wonderful work there. My Rocking Triangle Studio’s pieces are:

2007 All the Difference (Coming this summer)
2006 There she goes…up into the wild blue yonder.
2005 Ocean Serenity (Daniel Holland’s piece for Rocking Triangle with Kenn Stump)
2004 Can-Can & Rock-a-Bye-Triangles
. These were both viewer-interactive pieces.

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