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In closing, I’ll read Mother’s good-bye poem and reprise her serenade. In sharing these thoughts and poems about my mother tonight, my wish is that you’ve received some benefit in your own family situation, whatever that may be.

After Julia’s death, I sorted through the belongings and papers in the big brown house where Julia and her husband Dave lived part of the year with my parents. I found recipes in every nook and cranny of the house where mother had stashed them, planning someday to write a cookbook.


At the end of her life, so much left undone.
So much promise left to be won. So much sugar left unspun.
So many recipes left in the book. So many foods left to be cooked.
So many meals left to be tasted. So many roasts left to be basted.
So many tastes left to devour. Her appetite still grows by the hour.
Even her stomach growl shows power.
Collected in boxes, bags, and barrels her recipes keep her up all night.
She comes to bed now, and we turn off the light.

“Sweet Evelina”, reprise (last verse and chorus)
The years have gone by and I haven’t a dollar,
Evalina still lives in that green grassy holler;
And though I am fated to tarry here never,
I know I shall love her forever and ever!
Dear Evalina, Sweet Evalina
My love for you will never, never die.
Dear Evalina, Sweet Evalina,
My love for you will never, never die!

Thank You.

Poems in order of appearance:
Lotus Eater
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Towhee #1
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Butt Wipes
Safety Pin
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(excerpt) Window Frame

Sweet Evelina

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