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Because of mother’s stroke, she needed to be watched minute-by-minute to keep her safe, as if she were a toddler. “Safety Pin” is my invocation to the Safety Guardians to protect her.


Can you pin down safety?
Makers of safety pins think you can.
But they didn’t count on my mother, all comfy in her easy chair,
to reach and open the drawer in the old Singer cabinet.

Child-proofing a house is a breeze, I’m thinking,
compared to mother-proofing a house.

The thing is, in my eyes, she’s still the mother I once knew.
Not this new mother I find picking her teeth
with the point of a safety pin
when I duck my head in from the kitchen

Angels, if you are there,
dancing on the point of that pin,
please protect my mother.
She really needs you.

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